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We offer our services to patients in both German and English. If you speak another language, you must bring an interpreter with you. We frequently care for patients from Arab countries.


Special psychiatric nursing service for hazard prevention in Berlin



About us - Bedside care and vigil services from Berlin

Private Krankenpflege Frommholz UG (haftungsbeschränkt) looks to be Germany’s first professionally organized emergency service for bedside care services, vigil services, and individual care in Berlin and Brandenburg. Our company has the classic structure of a nursing service and is managed by a responsible nurse. The employed nursing staff are exclusively committed to carrying out what they’ve been instructed to do. All employees work according to internal company standards. This represents a fundamental milestone in the work and professionalization of bedside care services. The tasks of the individual caregivers are clearly defined – especially those activities which do NOT fall under the area of responsibility of bedside care services. We essentially have three categories of employees: laypersons, nursing assistants and medical professions. You will find more information on this throughout our website.



Tasks involved in individual care – hazard prevention

The focus of our services is on hazard prevention. This means protecting the patient from personal injury, violent acts by the patient against third parties, and hazards that could cause them to regress. This is generally known as bedside care.

Our patient clientele usually suffers from an underlying psychiatric disease, such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, addiction, drug use, etc. Other disorders such as delirium, symptomatic transitory psychotic syndrome, tendencies to run away, physical disadvantages and acute states of confusion can also render our work necessary. Bedside care is even prescribed by law in special cases, i.e. when special safety measures such as securing a patient with belts, bed rails or the like are used (references available throughout the website).


The place of stay of the person to be cared for can be very diverse. It can be in a domestic environment, but hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, or other facilities can also utilize our services.


Financing bedside care, vigil services or 24-hour care

Basically, we work on “private prescription” as according to a medical order. We receive many enquiries – especially from relatives who are caring for the affected individual. We encourage these enquiries and look forward to hearing from you. The main question usually concerns the possibility of financing. This is generally how it goes: As a rule, our services must be paid for privately. Exceptions are possible in individual cases.


We provide care for at least six hours at a time and up to unlimited 24-hour care.

Give us a call and learn what we have to offer with our professional bedside care and vigil services in Berlin and Brandenburg.


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