Range of bedside care services for 2019

The service packages can be selected according to the scope of the nursing tasks that are required
*Subject to modifications and errors

Rate 1: "Volunteers to the front!"

Since January 1, 2019, we have been working with volunteers. Our company is currently transforming into a non-profit organization. However, it is already possible to take advantage of the volunteer tariff.

We draw on the services of volunteers, federal volunteers, interns and other types of volunteers.

These people can bring different qualifications with them. The offer is limited and cannot be explicitly requested; it can be provided only when available.

Rate 2: "The lay helper"

Trained laypersons with experience in the field of caring for elderly or ill individuals carry out the lightest ancillary activities that an untrained caregiver can be trusted to perform.

The activity focuses on communication and calling for help when nursing work or emergencies arise.

The lay helper does not take on any obvious nursing activities or professional medical interventions.

It is ideally suited for the simplest level of care.

Rate 3: "smart individual care"

This service package is provided by employees who have completed a basic nursing course consisting of at least 200 hours. They carry out light ancillary nursing activities and perform vital sign measurements.

As part of this rate, no further medical interventions (such as administering medication) are carried out.

Rate 4: "One-on-one indivual care"

You are supervised by a healthcare professional who has completed at least three years of training. You receive comprehensive nursing and medicinal care.

Rate 5: "Top treatment"

Would you like to receive personal care from our head, Mr. Frommholz? He has a bachelor’s degree in nursing management and extensive experience in various fields.

You will receive comprehensive all-round care at the highest level.

Mr. Frommholz generally works alongside a companion.

Special rates, valid from January 1, 2019

Weekend rate

Extra charge for work on Saturdays and/or Sundays

Night rate

Extra charge for work from
8:00pm - 8:00am

Holiday rate

Extra charge for work on holidays

Hardship allowance

Work with infectious patients that requires wearing protective clothing for longer than 30 consecutive minutes.

E.g.: Patient with norovirus; contact with the patient is permanently necessary.

Caution: In such cases, we work in teams of two

Travel expenses

- Free of charge in Berlin’s AB zone

- Beyond that, or if not accessible by 

   public transport, or if speedy care

   is required:

   Reimbursement of travel expenses,


Material costs

Small materials are included in the price:

Hand disinfectants, personal protective equipment for employees, technical medical equipment, small quantities of simple care products

Basic skills of all employees

All our employees receive compulsory annual training courses. These cover the following topics:

  • Hygiene: Introduction to hand disinfection with black light control

  • Hygiene: Dealing with infectious patients

  • Data protection: Collection, storage, use and safekeeping of personal data

  • First aid: Resuscitation exercise, stable lateral positioning, shock positioning, elevated upper body positioning

  • Checking vital signs: Determining respiratory rate and radial pulse, achieving equilibrium

  • Use and necessity of workwear and personal protective equipment

  • Basic Pflegekomplexmaßnahmenscore (PKMS; literally translates to “Nursing complex measures score”) course

  • How to behave in the event of a work and/or commuting accident

  • Introduction to care records

  • Instruction according to the infection protection law

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